Examination / Assessment£25
Child Examination (up to 16 years)£20
Panoramic X-ray OPT£25
Small X-ray (intra-oral)£10
Scale and Polish / Periodontal Treatmentfrom £65
Sandblasting Airflowfrom £65
Scale and Polish + Airflowfrom £95
Temporary filling / Dressing tooth£75
Composite filling (Tooth coloured)from £110
Composite veneersfrom £250
Porcelain crown / e-max crownfrom £455/£550
Porcelain veneersfrom £550
Crown re-cement (crown done in our practice)£25/£50
Crown re-cement (crown done at different practice)£50
Porcelain bridge ( per unit )from £550
Temporary bridge£150
Bridge re-cementfrom £75
Bridge re-cement (bridge done at different practice)£125
Bridge removal (bridge done in a different practice)£125
Bridge cutting during extraction£50
Tooth extractionfrom £110
Extraction with tooth separationfrom £135
Surgical extractionfrom £200
Sutures removal£25
Teeth Varnishing£25
Fissure filling (per tooth)£50
Temporary filling in milk toothfrom £50
Milk tooth fillingfrom £65
Teeth whitening (home kit)£220
Teeth whitening (surgery + home kit)£380
Dead tooth whitening + fillingfrom £250
Root canal treatment (Anterior tooth)-price with basic fillingfrom £295
Root canal treatment (Premolar tooth)- price with basic fillingfrom £395
Root canal treatment (Molar tooth) - price with basic fillingfrom £495
Composite filling after root canal treatmentfrom £95
Re-Root canal treatment +£100
Acrylic denturefrom £495
Valplast denturefrom £650
Orthodontics (Fastbraces, C-fast, Damon) – appointments includedfrom £1600
Single Implantfrom £2000